About Us


Medpoint Design & Event Management company was founded in 2008 with a motto to set a new bench mark in the designing, advertising and event management sectors.

Our major areas of work are marketing, Advertisements, arranging exhibitions, hosting seminars, printing the adevertisement related banners, lampboards, billboards etc. We aim at conveying messages through advertisements in simple but effective manner. This allows the advertisement to reach maximum consumers at multiple levels.


Our objectives are specific, quanftifiable and time sensitive which we achieve in a specific period. By total dedication & commitment to our projects, wether they may be big or small, we have reached to great hieghts and achieved great success in various endeavours. We always strive to work professionally & provide quality work to gain mora and more loyal customers.


Our mission is to be the best design & event management company in and around Bahrain filled with uniqeness and creativeness in every project we handle.


Our vision is to build the biggest network in GCC. We are handling many networks with different sectors to achieve our goals.

While working with the events we provide value added customized assistance in the following areas:

  • Venue Slection
  • Theme Selection
  • Event Anchor
  • Invitaion Design
  • Destination Management
  • Photography
  • Video documentation
  • Audio Visuals
  • Sound & Lighting
  • Event Convectionery
  • General Catering Services

We’re a single source of a comperhensive event management company. Our goal is to meet the every single need of our cunstomers under one roof.

We are string very hard to spread our network worldwide as we don’t want to limit our services to one particular country. We aim to spread our bussiness worldwide. We organize events which connect people, build communities and spark change. Each event organized by us is unique with its own objectives, specific features and challenges. We believe events are much more than parties and conferences as they conecct people, breed innovation and build communities. We bring a unique and refreshing approach to the event management industry. We understand that properly executed event can be lavaraged to support an organization’s strategic vision, incorporated into a company’s marketing plan, or used to build networks and client loyality.

Our goal is to improve profitability, increase efficiency, capture a bigger market share, provide better customer service, enhance company’s reputation, improve employee training, and to grow bigger and bigger. We completely focus on our vision and our daily activities are directed towards achieving the same.

Our clients are non profit organizations, corporate clients, banks, member associates etc. Each of this organization has a unique set of bussiness goals and challenges. They choose us because we understand the bussiness of running events and adding uniqueness.

On part of the designing sector we provide the following services:

  • Banners, Flyers and Posters
  • Illustrations
  • Logo Designing
  • Brochures, Catalogs, Bussiness Cards
  • Magazines, News Letters
  • Post Cards, Envelopes
  • Referrals, Shipping Conditiors.
  • E-mails, Presentations
  • Web Designing, Flash, Offer Flash
  • Power Point
  • Team Websites
  • Trade Shows & Advertisements
  • Events, Designs, Bill Boards & Avenue Advertising

We have a printing press and all the above mentioned products are printed in the house. Our Clients are top bussiness houses, major companies, Ministries, Government sectors. We set up meetings with our clients to know their ideas clearly and alos to suggest them with the appropriate information. We get feedback from them to improvise the standards of our services. We improvise our knowledge by attending different kinds of events, by going through the latest and creative updates,  in the designing technology.

Due to the qualitative and qualitative services we provide, we’ve been placed at the top eventhough we have a good number of competitors.

We also have a bussiness contract for b-training with Qatar, Saudi Arabia to train the national youth and help them in finfing jobs. Know more about our B-training programme here.